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Your 8 Keys to PROGRESS

‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’ George Bernard Shaw



Place – first impressions are important for both the home and workplace, an attractive frontage with a beautiful entrance, free from outside obstacles and negative influences will encourage opportunity and productivity to enter the home or workplace. For businesses, establish a theme or ‘purpose’ in the workplace to enable you to further enhance your business.



Relationship between people and place – Traditional Indigenous cultures have long had an affinity with the land and knowingly inhabit places considered to be beneficial for health, and avoid areas thought to cause sickness. Prolonged exposure to geopathic stress may negatively affect those who sleep or spend a lot of time in these areas, both mentally and physically. Look for signs such as barren areas in the land, twisted trees, wasp or ant infestations and if you have a cat be mindful of where they sleep – because cats love geopathic stress!



Organisation, clear the clutter – I am sure that this principle will resonate with many as it seems to be one of the most familiar, although I believe that it is also one of the most important because clearing your home of clutter will also provide a mental clarity within yourself to allow you to move forward.


Generate a positive flow

Generate a positive flow of Qi, an essential life energy which flows through all living things, allow the Qi to meander freely and gently throughout the home – focus on furniture placement and free up stagnant areas to allow opportunity into the home.


Release Negativity

Release negativity by cleansing the home regularly of stale energy and pollutants, this includes letting go of objects that you no longer need or relate to – open windows, freshen with flowers and play your favourite music 𝄞. Did you know that there are plants which are useful in absorbing household odours and chemicals?


Establish a non-toxic environment

Establish a non-toxic environment by using cleaning and personal products that are free from nasty chemicals and limiting electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) in the home. Always be mindful of the things that you bring into the home, preferably choosing natural materials for furnishings, flooring and building materials and leave shoes outside.



Stimulate – surround yourself with objects and colours that you relate to and love as this will give you inspiration! – vibrant in active (yang) areas and subdued for rest (yin) areas such as bedrooms to allow for a restful sleep. Feng Shui can determine the best areas of your home or office to enhance finances, relationships and career…



Site – the ancient art of Feng Shui hasn’t changed, but society has, the landforms are not what they used to be with the development of cities, roads and manmade waterways, they are forever evolving and so must we. Ideally, when choosing a site for your home it would preferably be of a regular shape rather than a triangular or ‘L’ shaped block with healthy vegetation and a mountain behind the structure to provide protection to the occupants, in today’s world this could also be a larger building or a tall row of trees behind providing support. If possible, avoid living on busy roads or in close proximity to industrial areas, stagnant water, transformers, high voltage power lines or cell towers. While recognising that this is not always achievable, there are ways that we may be able to assist you.

‘Our purpose is to enhance the home and surroundings to the greatest potential, enabling the occupant to create opportunity in all aspects of their lives to create opportunity and enjoy good health’