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Incorporating Form, Compass and Flying Star School Feng Shui methods, our onsite consultations offer advice on how to enhance your home/workplace and surroundings to enable you to create opportunities in all aspects of your life. Includes suggestions for furniture placement, colours, water features (if applicable) and remedies, if required.

We ask that the client complete a short questionnaire, this will allow us to focus on the areas which are most important to them, such as career, relationships, or finances.

An accurate floor plan and date of completion of your home/workplace is essential.

This consultation also includes tips on how to minimise your exposure to toxins and EMFs in the home/workplace. Note: this is not a full Building Biology audit.

Form school

Form school is a particular branch of Feng Shui that focuses on the landscape and features surrounding the building, given that the environment in which the home is situated has an influence on the home and the lives of the occupants.

Compass School

 Compass School Feng Shui focuses on the influence of direction on a building and the eight sectors of the site (nine including the centre) and this is determined by obtaining the ‘facing direction’ of the site. Each sector is represented by a significant element such as fire, earth, metal, water or wood. Each sector also relates to an area of the occupants’ lives and by activating these areas with the relating elements the lives of the occupants’ will be enhanced.

Flying Star School

 Flying star school, also referred to as Xuan Kong Fei Xing which is defined as ‘Time and Space Flying Stars’ is based on mathematics which is the language of the Universe. It takes into consideration the influence of time on a building and this is done by establishing the facing direction (as used in Compass School) and the completion date of the building.


One of the most important arts; Earth energies may disrupt our way of life and in some cases may cause illness. The land will be assessed for geopathic stress (when the Earth’s electromagnetic field becomes distorted, due to a physical disturbance in the Earth’s structure) and in most cases a remedy will be put in place to allow for healing.

‘Geomancy is about managing the interactions between people and place’

We also offer Pre-Purchase/Sale consultations – For most of us, our home is our biggest asset and as a Licensed Real Estate Agent I have seen many homes on the market that could have been better presented to achieve a higher sale price in a shorter period of time. Contact us if we can help with your preparation.